Wonders...Do you call them Gifts or Presents?

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‘Each day is a Gift, that’s why we call it the Present.’ 

And that is certainly true here at as each and every day we ship gifts and presents straight to your loved ones within Ireland and around the world. 

The words ‘gift’ and ‘present’ are so interchangeable and yet they can seem very different too! You visit a GIFT shop but children ask Santa for PRESENTS. After much discussion here in WowWee HQ, we decided to consult

Gift - something given without payment in return, to show favour toward someone or to honour an occasion. 

Present - to give or award someone formally or ceremonially. Luxury Gift Bags

They are well matched synonyms but can mean different things to different people. Both represent something thoughtfully given without expectation of anything in return.

So it got us thinking...what do YOU call them? Does it depend on the occasion or situation? Maybe its a Birthday present but a Christening gift. A present for a new baby and yet an Engagement gift. We value our customers thoughts and opinions more than anything so be sure to let us know in the comments below.

We asked our followers on Instagram and the results were interesting! 87% said they call them presents and 13% said gifts.

Do you call them Gifts or Presents?

One thing we know for sure is that ‘gifts’ and ‘presents’ are the same thing to the recipient and therefore we will always make it just right. Send a gift with today to share happiness with your family and friends. We pride ourselves in delivering presents that are Irish, handcrafted, luxurious and special.

Send happiness with a present from

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