'I've Been Asked to be Godfather, HELP!' - David's Dilemma | Personalised Christening Gifts for Godparents | WowWee.ie

'I've Been Asked to be Godfather, HELP!' - David's Dilemma | Personalised Christening Gifts for Godparents | WowWee.ie

Helping our customers choose the gift of their dreams for their loved ones is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do here at WowWee.ie. This month, we were delighted to be able to help David using the live chat feature on our website. David’s head was spinning and he had mixed emotions when his brother, Shane, asked him to be Godfather to new baby Noah. He was thrilled to be chosen and excited to become such an important person to his nephew but he also anxious of what was expected of him...and overwhelmed at the thought of having to choose the perfect present! 

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David’s dream gift was one that was so special and precious that it would become a cherished keepsake for Noah to treasure forever. He also wanted to show that he was accepting the responsibilities of his new role by gifting something that was practical. It was very important to David that his gift included Noah’s middle name, which is Patrick after his Great Grandad. Grandad Patrick was lovingly missed by all the family and having his legacy live on through Noah was something they were all excited about. David wanted to show his brother and sister-in-law just how thankful he is to be chosen as Godfather and to display his love and commitment to Noah by giving them a beautifully presented and packaged gift.

Personalised Christening Gifts | Personalised Gifts for Godparents | Personalised Baby Godson Gifts | WowWee.ie

We were delighted to be able to give him some assistance with his dilemma and to relieve some of his stress. Gifting is what we do best and we knew just the gift to suggest to fulfil all of David’s hopes for his gift - a Personalised Christening Candle!

                                         Personalised Christening Candle | Personalised Gifts for Godchild | WowWee.ie

Personalised Christening Candles are used during the ceremony itself and so are a very practical gift to give. It was the perfect way to display Noah’s specially chosen names, including his middle name which was of particular importance to David. The Protective Pouch that comes with each of our Christening Candles was also something he thought added to the gift for when it becomes a treasured keepsake after the day. We assured David that all our gifts arrive beautifully packaged in WowWee.ie luxury gift bags and he delighted to be able to include a WowWee Gift Card with a sweet message for Noah. He felt a huge weight had been lifted when he knew he could rely on us to send ‘A Gift That Says It All’ directly to his brother’s house in time for Noah’s big day.

David emailed this morning to let us know that Noah’s parents adored the candle and it was a real talking point at the Christening, receiving many compliments. It is now stored safely away in its pouch where it will stay until Noah’s Confirmation day and will always bring back special memories of his Baptism!

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