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  • Reading aloud to children helps them to thrive as it has clear cognitive benefits. It also strengthens children’s social, emotional, and character development and is linked to decreased levels of aggression, hyperactivity, and attention difficulties
  • This book is written by Thomas Gleeson, illustrated by his Grandfather Seán McDermott and printed in Ireland.
  • It captures the dreams, excitement and banter of a club final. The personalised story allows the child to be play and win in a Football Final for his or her club.
  • It includes the child's name, town land, favourite player, friends and family making the story very real and memorable to the recipient
  • This charming personalised book can be printed with a special dedication to the child
  • Brainchild of Ennis man Thomas Gleeson, this book is part of a new series of books known as "Stories About You"
  • This hard back gloss book is A5 in size and is personalised for you and printed to order

Sample of story: 


Eoghan O’Brien

The Football Hero

My club hero Eoghan


Eoghan O’Brien was 9 and loved playing gaelic football. Eoghan played for his club Clane in county Kildare. There was always a football at his feet, in his bedroom or out the back of his house. While Eoghan didn’t always remember to do his homework, he never forgot to practise his skills against the side wall of his house

Pg. 3

Eoghan’s family always encouraged him to take part in sport but his mother wasn’t too happy about him cracking the bathroom window! When Eoghan came home from training with gear bag full of muddy boots and wet shorts and socks she would wonder why they couldn’t play on the parts of the field that were dry.

Pg. 4

Eoghan loved going to training on hot summers evenings with his friends especially Dara. His trainer was very impressed with him and told him he was ready to start the next game! Eoghan couldn’t wait to get home to tell his family.

Pg. 5

The next training session was a game of backs and forwards. Eoghan was given a torn smelly bib that was miles too big for him and was marking one of the best players in the squad. Eoghan hardly got a ball and really wanted to impress the trainer. Eoghan was so disappointed with himself. He really wanted to play well so when his dad came to collect him he was feeling very down.


When Eoghan got home, he went back out practising against the wall trying to improve his weaker foot. His mother came out to him and said another member of the team had slipped and hurt himself and that the manager had left a message saying that Eoghan would be in the starting team for the game tomorrow. All the training was beginning to pay off. 

Pg. 7

Championship fever was in the air. The first game was against Bray, a bitter rivalry that had dated back years. Everyone knew what they had to do. Eoghan could hardly contain his excitement. When he got to the dressing room he tied up his boots and pulled up his socks. Hopefully this would be the day he had been waiting for. 

Pg. 8

The ball was thrown in and both teams were sharp off the mark. Eoghan beat his man to the first ball. He felt he made a good start. By the end of the 15 minutes Bray were putting more scores on the board and were ahead by 3 points. The trainer kept shouting from the side line but nothing was going well for Clane. “Stick tight to your man” Eoghan heard him shout and sure enough he kept close to him as best he could.

Pg. 9

The referee blew the whistle for half-time and the trainer called them all together in a circle and some of the supporters brought over drinks and cuts of oranges. The boys were not very confident at half time. He encouraged them to keep going and not to give up. They had the second half to improve with the wind at their backs. His friend Dara told Eoghan he was playing very well and to keep it up!! Eoghan looked across at his family who were all there shouting encouragement. 

Pg. 10

Clane ran out for the second half all fired up!! Clane scored a few points but it wasn’t enough to catch Bray. Suddenly, his man caught a high ball and started to solo run down the field. Eoghan ran after him as fast as he could. Just as he was about to kick the ball, Eoghan flung himself with his arms out and blocked a certain score. The crowd cheered. Only a few minutes left Clane were still two points down and Eoghan wondered could they do it? His friend Dara was fouled and the referee pointed to the penalty spot and the trainer shouted “Eoghan you take it”

Pg. 11

Eoghan couldn’t believe he had been asked to take the penalty. What if he missed it? Eoghan placed the ball carefully and stepped a few paces back. The crowd fell silent. Eoghan hit the ball into the top left corner of the net. The crowd went wild!! The referee blew the final whistle. Clane were the winners! Eoghan O’Brien was the new club hero and was carried shoulder high. His parents were so proud. The trainer had tears in his eyes and said ! I knew you could do it Eoghan,” maybe one day we will see you lining out in Croke Park for Kildare in an All Ireland Final!!!

Pg. 12

Eoghan O’Brien

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