Our Team & What Inspires Us...

Nice to Meet You...👋

Áine - The Fearless & Enthusiastic One

Founder & Managing Director 

She wonders why she never sleeps! Áine is always thinking about the next gift idea or app for the business. Her competitive streak strives for perfection.  

  • Most memorable gift she's ever received: Santa brought her a dolly when she was just 2 years. Gráinne now only has one leg and has survived many haircut attempts but is a gift that Áine still treasures.
  • Happiest when: Áine is happiest when she is playing or listening to any kind of music.

Anne-Marie - The Uplifting & Logical One

Digital Strategist & Website Coordinator

Anne-Marie works her magic behind the scenes to help make it all happen, always there to lend a helping hand....just make sure to thank her with chocolate!

  • These are a few of my favourite things: Cats, cups of tea, reading (and buying too many) books.
  • Favourite quote: 'Sprinkle kindness like confetti'
  • Most memorable special occasion: Our small lockdown wedding in 2020. We only had 22 guests but still felt the joy, love and presence of everyone who couldn't join us.

Bernie - The Glamourous & Captivating One

Customer Relations Manager

With her bubbly personality and keen eye for style, Bernie thrives when she's helping our customers find their ideal gift.

  • Favourite thing about working in WowWee: The creative environment where no two days are the same. Belly laughing with the girls while constantly learning and upskilling.
  • Most likely to find her: On the beach, chasing the sun, sipping the odd cocktail, buying handbags (that are out of her budget), cheering (sometimes very loudly!) for her son who plays football for Clare minors.
  • Bernie’s Bucket List: Visit Orlando, Climb Croagh Patrick (...eventually!), Semi-retire in the USA.

Andrea - The Multitasking Gen-Z One

Creative Design Supervisor

If you’re ever unsure where something is, ask Andrea and she’ll be able to show you its exact location! She’s an organisational queen who works on more than 1 task at a time like its a breeze.

  • Favourite special occasion: Turning 21 on the 21st. A golden birthday to set her up for a golden year!
  • Guilty pleasure: Binge watching the newest Netflix show in a single night!
  • Best place she's travelled to: Paris! Every street is so pretty and everything feels so magical there.

Martha - The Cheeky & Funny One

Purchasing Manager 

Always making the rest of us laugh, always willing to help however she can and always moving around WowWee HQ like a woman on a mission! 

  • Special talent: Making the best chocolate biscuit cake in the world! Her recipe has been shared with the team, we’ve all attempted to make our own…but the deliciousness can not be replicated!
  • Happiness is: Martha is at her happiest when she’s gardening, reading or walking the beach in Lahinch.


Ingrid - The Quirky & Cool One

Creative Design Coordinator

Ingrid's enthusiasm and creativity are infectious. We always love to hear her exciting ideas and perspectives during our 'Hello Kitty' team meetings.

  • Her favourite part of the week: Meeting up with the ladies in the crafting group and having the chats.
  • Ingrid's ideal night out: Staying IN with her cats and a glass of wine.
  • At her happiest: She loves nothing more than  travelling and experiencing different cultures while trying different kinds of dishes.

Caroline - The Inspiring & Quick-Thinking One

 Creative Design Coordinator

Ensuring each gift is created with the love and care needed for it to become a forever keepsake is always at the forefront of Caroline's mind during the working day.

  • Caroline's hobbies and what she loves doing most: Going to reformer Pilates and circuit classes. Listening to good music.
  • Happiness is: celebrating life's special occasions with her families and friends, especially her two daughters Communions and Confirmations and her family's milestone birthdays! 
  • Favourite city break: Barcelona! It's such a pretty city with beautiful buildings and lots to see and do.



Michelle - The Patient & Calm One

Customer Success Advisor

Michelle is an amazing listener and offers the best advice - she's basically our very own Agony Aunt! Her tranquil nature leads itself brilliantly to assisting customers on their gift buying journey.

  • Happiest when: She has travelled the world on the back of a motorbike and is in her element when gaining an understanding of cultures, languages...and coffee!
  • Earliest memory of kindness: She spent a week in hospital as a child and wasn't allowed any visitors but her Auntie Anne and cousin Jenna drove 100s of miles just to smile through the window at her!