Irish Business design Beach Ponchos to meet Staycation demands | Cois Trá by

Irish Business design Beach Ponchos to meet Staycation demands | Cois Trá by

The Staycation trend is set to continue throughout 2021. Here in Ireland, we have some of the most scenic beaches in the world and our Beach Ponchos, Cois Trá by, are beginning to be noticed on coastlines across the country. They are available to order here

Whether it be at the beach, pool, sauna or lake, drying off, keeping warm and changing clothes can sometimes be difficult or make people feel self-conscious. That's why for the past 12 months, the creative team of ladies at have been working hard behind the scenes to design the perfect poncho. We knew these would be so useful but we are still blown away by the demand!

During our brainstorming meetings, we compiled a list of what features were most important in the design of our ponchos. These were at the forefront of our minds throughout the entire process of designing our ponchos. We are thrilled to have achieved all of our key design features in our Cois Trá Ponchos.

  • A variety of sizes for all age groups - adults, teens and children - so that both young and old could avail of our ponchos and so they are useful to a wide demographic. We wanted each size to be generous in width and length to protect your modesty and to allow for easy changing.
  • Being able to offer a range of colours that appealed to all genders and were both vibrant and appropriate for the beach was something we aspired to from the beginning. We also wanted our ponchos to be fashionable and something that people would want to wear. We decided early on that we loved the idea of each colour having a water-themed name. (lagoon, ultramarine, raspberry ripple, sunset and tropical)
  • We felt strongly that the ponchos should have a cosy hood for drying your face and hair easily and also that they had spacious pockets to hold any essentials items and keep them safe.
  • We wanted the brand name of our ponchos to be in the Irish language and to reflect that they were designed here. Cois Trá, meaning Seaside, perfectly captures the origins of this project.

We are so proud that our creation, Cois Trá by, is now out in the world for everyone to enjoy - we hope you find them as useful as we do.! Explore our Beach Ponchos on our website here:

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