Delivering love and kindness every morning ❤️

Delivering love and kindness every morning ❤️

In a world where you can be anything, these wise ladies choose love and kindness...

Bridget's granddaughter Saoirse, who is a reliable customer at shared this story with us this morning and we are touched. It has also been published in a magazine in Co. Cork this week. PLEASE READ...
Bridget, aged 92 since August, lives in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland, there lived a remarkable woman named Bridget.
Bridget's closest friend, Mary, was her companion for the past seven decades. Their friendship had grown stronger with each passing year, surviving the tests of time, distance, and life's many ups and downs especially when their partners had died. But there was one special tradition that bound them together, a daily ritual that began with the advent of technology and never wavered.
For the past 12 years, every morning, Bridget and Mary exchanged text messages, making sure the other had awakened to embrace a new day. It had become an unspoken promise, a testament to their unwavering bond, and a gesture that brought them closer even when the distance seemed vast especially during covid.
On a typical Irish morning, Bridget's aging fingers deftly tapped out her daily message: "Good mornin', Mary. Just checkin' to see if you've awoken. Another beautiful day in our lovely town. - Bridget."
Within moments, her phone binged with the sweet sound of an incoming message. Mary's reply read, "Good mornin', Bridgey. I'm here, alive and well. Can't let the day start without our little chat. - Mary."
As Bridget and Mary aged gracefully, they understood that each message was a lifeline. It was their way of saying, "I'm here, I care, and I cherish you."
One winter morning, Bridget received a different kind of message. "Dear Bridgey," it read, "I've moved to a nursing home, my love. The stairs were getting the better of me, you see. But I promise, our morning messages will continue, as they always have. - Mary."
Tears welled up in Bridget's eyes as she replied, "Oh, Mary, I'll miss our tea at your place, but I'm here for you, no matter where you are. You're still in my heart. I will visit you as often as I can. When you get to 92 years, there are only a few people who really count and you are one of them Mary"❤️ The connection they shared remained unbroken, a beacon of hope and an everlasting testament to the power of friendship.
For Bridget and Mary, their morning messages are a lifeline of connection and care reaffirming their special bond.
Simple and true...😊
We'd be delighted to hear any heartwarming stories from you that exemplify simple acts of love and kindness✨

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