What gift should I give for first communion?

What gift should I give for first communion?

First Communion at WowWee is a significant religious milestone in many Christian traditions, and giving a thoughtful and meaningful gift to a child who is receiving their First Communion can be a wonderful gesture. Here are some ideas for First Communion gifts:

  1. Communion Jewellery: Consider giving a piece of religious jewelry, such as a cross necklace or a medal featuring a saint. This can serve as a reminder of their faith and the importance of their First Communion.

  2. Personalised Bible: At WowWee, we believe A personalised Bible with the child's name and the date of their First Communion can be a cherished gift. Choose a translation that is suitable for their age, and perhaps include a special message.

  3. Prayer Book: A prayer book designed for children or one specifically focused on First Communion can be a valuable and educational gift. Look for a book that includes prayers, reflections, and explanations of the sacrament.

  4. Personalised Keepsake Box: A personalised keepsake box can be a special place for the child to store mementos from their First Communion, such as a small cross, a rosary, or a special note.

  5. Religious Artwork: Consider a piece of religious artwork or a framed print featuring a meaningful religious image, such as the Last Supper or an image of Jesus. This can be displayed in the child's room or a family area.

  6. Gift Cards for Religious Stores: If you're unsure about the child's preferences, consider giving a gift card to a religious bookstore or a store that sells religious gifts. This allows the child or their family to choose a meaningful item.

  7. Communion Set: A communion set that includes a chalice and plate for the child to use during the sacrament can be a unique and practical gift. Some sets also include a small pitcher for wine and a paten.

When choosing a First Communion gift, it's essential to consider the child's personality, interests, and the traditions of their religious community. Selecting a meaningful and thoughtful gift can make the occasion even more special.


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