What should I buy as a Graduation gift ?

What should I buy as a Graduation gift ?
  1. UL Limerick Graduation Frame: Design a graduation frame with the UL logo and the graduate's name, degree, and graduation date. You can include a photo of the graduate or leave space for them to insert their favorite picture from their time at UL.

  2. Trinity Graduation Frame Create a customized graduation frame with the Trinity College Dublin logo, the graduate's name, degree, and graduation date. Add an optional quote or a special message to make it unique.

  3. WowWee Personalized Graduation Mug: WowWee offers personalized mugs, so you can have a graduation-themed mug designed with the graduate's name, graduation year, and perhaps a fun or inspiring message. You could also consider incorporating the WowWee logo or colors into the design.

  4. Personalized "Special Day" Graduation Frame: Create a frame that celebrates the graduate's special day, featuring their name, college name (UL or Trinity), graduation date, and a memorable quote or message. This frame could be versatile for graduates from either university.

When ordering personalized frames or mugs, make sure to provide accurate information and double-check all details before placing the order. Consider working with a reputable custom gift provider or consulting with a local print shop to ensure high-quality and accurate personalization.

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