A Christening Day Essential | Personalised Christening Candles | WowWee.ie

A Christening Day Essential | Personalised Christening Candles | WowWee.ie

When and Why are Christening Candles used?

The tradition of Christening Candles still continues in the year 2020. The inclusion of a candle is a pivotal part of the Christening ceremony. Even in the more modern Naming Day ceremonies, the candle plays an important role. It is seen as a symbol of new life and a light to illuminate the life that lies ahead. Sometimes called a Baptismal Candle, it can also be used in future religious ceremonies including Communion and Confirmation. They are designed to stay with the child throughout their life making them a cherished keepsake. 

Why Personalise a Christening Candle?

Personalised Christening Candles are the modern-day take on this historic tradition. They are the ideal way to display the baby's chosen name. We can personalise our Christening Candle with your little boy or girl's first, middle and surname. Very often, a little one's middle name is that of a grandparent or other family member. Parents like to carry on a loved one's legacy in this way. It is therefore extremely special to have the full name proudly displayed on their Personalised Christening Candle. 

Personalised Christening Candles | WowWee.ie

Cherished Keepsake - Pouches for Safekeeping 

This year we launched our brand new and exclusive collection of Personalised Christening Candles featuring two stylish, delicate and pretty designs. With them, we have also introduced our new gorgeous branded Protective Pouches. Made from a white velvety material, printed with our logo and 'My Christening Day' in beautiful silver foil, it will ensure your candle is kept safe and protected...as all precious keepsakes should. A permanent reminder of those special moments. 

Personalisation and Packaging Specialists 

Here at WowWee.ie, we have been personalising candles for Christenings, Baptisms and Naming Days for years. We adore that we are part of so many magical Christening Day memories around the world. We personalise each and every candle with love, care and patience with attention to detail always being at the forefront of our work. We strive to get it just right for you! We pride ourselves on presentation and packaging and our aim is for the sender to feel proud and the receiver to feel very special.

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