First Day of School 2022 - Brand NEW Gifts & Keepsakes for Little Ones!

First Day of School 2022 - Brand NEW Gifts & Keepsakes for Little Ones!

It's such a huge milestone in the lives of little boys and girls. As summer comes to a close, there is a great mixture of excitement and nerves - both for the children and their parents. They are going to experience a whole new world of learning, independence and fun so it's only right to celebrate the occasion! Here at, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create a collection of Gifts and Keepsakes to capture the memories of the 1st day; whether it be of 'Big' Primary School or Pre-School/ Montessori. Here's what's NEW for 2022: 

Personalised First Day of School Framed Print 

A unique and special way to remember the special details of your little one's first day of school, including the name of school, date they begin and their name and age. Lots of customers love these as a prop for that special 1st day of school photo before they head out the door!

Personalised First Day of School Rag Doll 

Personalised First Day of School Rag Doll |

A sweet new companion for her first day of school. Choice of Blonde or Brunette doll to match your little one. Rag Boy also available for little lads! 

Personalised First Day of School Photo Frame 

This luxury photo frame has a customised mount with a bevelled edge. The first of it's kind on the Irish market. The reaction from our customers about this frame has been amazing! Perfect for displaying that special photo of the boy or girl on their 1st day of school.

Personalised Worry Cushions

Personalised Worry Cushion for Children Anxiety |

To help comfort those first day of school worries and anxieties! A thoughtful gift to give a little one starting on their big adventure. They can choose their favourite colours to make it their own. 

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